Introduction Course

A hands-on basic ICScada introduction course is designed to fully demonstrate the system as applied to the particular installation environment. The Introduction course requires no prerequisite education to enroll.

The successful candidate will be issued ICScada Certificate upon successful completion of a final practical and written examination.

Duration: 2 Full Days


The successful graduate of the ICScada Introductory Course will be proficient in:
•    ICScada (ICS) Software Structure, Operating Systems, & Security
•    ICS Access Management
•    ICS Safety
•    ICS Navigation
•    ICS Reporting
•    ICS Alarming & Alarm Management
•    ICS Data Polling, Historical & Real-Time
•    ICS Equipment Interface & Protocol
•    Field Measurement, Standards,& Compliance
•    Field Communications Modems & Radios
•    Field Power Systems
•    Field Electrical & Instrumentation Basics
•    ICS System Support Network

Small groups of attendees are suggested to ensure adequate participation in hands-on training and maximum value.

A detailed course itinerary will be released prior to any course start date and will identify all attendees, course duration, breaks, and any course specific content.

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