Throughout the last two decades, we have proven the ICScada HMI Control Software to be one of the most dynamic, stable and cost effective solutions available on the automation market today.

We provide complete solutions for the energy sector (Natural Gas, Petroleum, Mining, Renewable Energy etc.), factory floor/plant manufacturing, water and wastewater industry… ICScada can be used in ANY industrial control application. It is a lightweight networked model that will run hosted or stand-alone to offer clients total access to production data.

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•    Linux based SCADA software for all industries
•    Extensive native driver list
•    Unlimited runtime/development license
•    Web based client & design suite
•    Built in database for historian
•    Powerful & flexible trending
•    Unlimited multiple client access
•    Proven reliability
•    Mobile device friendly
•    Expandable
•    Open source scripting languages for unsurpassed       developer flexibility
•    Secure https web login


The core design of the ICScada HMI Software can cost effectively provide one remote hosted solution for a single process, a server solution for hundreds of other separate processes, and a secure enterprise solution to manage your entire industry asset.


A Linux-based SCADA software for all industries that provides SECURE online access to your monitoring data and controls. With unlimited multiple client access and unsurpassed developer flexibility, it is a secure, expandable and reliable database.


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