Taking advantage of the capabilities of the existing flow computer (RTU) and on-site I/O saves our customers thousands in hardware costs.

Outlaw Automation believes poor production due to declining pressure in older wells or constant variations in liquid loading identifies a need for gas well optimization.

The Gas Well Optimization Program provides solutions from simple timers to complete artificial lift and self-optimizing routines. It offers a number of different control modes designed to achieve an increase in production volumes. The multiple control modes are user-selectable within one program, keeping programming and re-programming costs to a minimum.

ICScada HMI is pre-built to incorporate all our Gas Well Optimization programs.

Outlaw Automation currently offers Gas Well Optimization routines for the following controllers:


  • 100 Series (FloBoss 103 & 107)
  • 300 Series FLASHPAC(ROC 306, 312 & 364)
  • 400 Series (FloBoss 407)

Schneider Electric (Control Microsystems) SCADAPack

  • SCADAPack
  • SCADAPack32
  • SCADAPack100
  • SCADAPack350
  • SCADAPack357

Schneider Electric (Control Microsystems) SCADASense

  • 4202GFC
  • 4203GFC

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