Building Management Systems

What is a BMS?

Building Management System (BMS), also known as a Building Automation System (BAS), is a computer-based control system installed in industrial, commercial, or residential structures that automatically manages, controls, and monitors several building processes or sub-systems.


A typical BMS is comprised of 4 main components or layers:

  • The Application Layer, or Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
  • The Supervisory Layer (User Access Control and Logic)
  • The Input/Output Layer (I/O)
  • Field Devices and Subsystems

The Application Layer

The ICScada Enterprise Data Management System

  • Proven Stability – Over 20 years in international circulation with over 10,000 active nodes
  • BMS cloud or on-premesis, server-based software integration options

ICScada BMS solutions include the following base utilities and features:

  1. Real-time Data Acquisition Engine (runtime and development licensing)
  2. User Access Control (multi-level security)
  3. Trending Module (real-time and historical data)
  4. Reporting Module (daily and monthly reports)
  5. Alarming Module (callouts by email, SMS or voice)
  6. Maintenance Module (scheduled service reminders by email)
  7. Protocol Driver Suite (interface to a wide variety of field devices and subsystems)
  8. Software Upgrades (cloud-hosted systems are regularly updated to current software releases)
  9. Support Network (24/7 support available)

The Supervisory Layer

The Outlaw Automation ICScada Enterprise Data Management Software also manages system “User Access”.

ICScada secure system access (Username & Password) is available utilizing common internet browsers and does not require special software or additional licensing. Standard user access is provided on 3 district levels:

  1. Monitor-Only: The user can monitor select system operations only
  2. Operator: The user can monitor all systems and issue control system parameter changes
  3. Administrator: The user can perform all system funcions, including issuing and revoking access to 1) and 2) by other users

Monitor and control access can be controlled system-wide or on a per-area/subsystem basis. The Outlaw Automation BMS system provides inherent tools necessary for administration users to independently issue system monitor and control privileges with no additional costs.

The Input/Output Layer

Input/Output (I/O) refers to analog or discrete end devices that provide process data such as pressure, temperature, valve position or other system real-time information.

“Field Controllers” or subsystems efficiently manipulate or regulate common output control variables based on input data. Field Controllers can perform one or hundreds of automatic control functions.

Outlaw Automation has developed the “RIoT Controller” which provides a cost-effective and powerful field controller option. When compared to traditional PLC or RTU systems the RIoT provides superior processing power, data storage, and can integrate remote wireless I\O thereby dramatically minimizing installation costs.

Field Devices and Subsystems

Field controller layers are independent subsystems such as boiler, lighting, security, or other independent building system controllers.

The ICScada Enterprise Data Management System allows for integration of numerous subsystems which can include but is not limited to the following:

  • Camera Security Systems
    • Intrusion
    • Building Access
    • Leak Detection
  • Water Detection & Zone ESD Control
  • Power & Lighting Systems
  • HVAC Systems
  • Boiler Systems
  • Moisture Detection

Economic Benefits of Outlaw BMS

  1. Reductions in overall building maintenance staff and related costs
    1. Remote access to monitor and control key building processes
  2. Minimize property damage & associated repair costs
  3. Reduction in building insurance deductibles
  4. Maintenance Watchdog Program – Inherent ICScada program will automatically provide email notices regarding regular building scheduled tasks
    1. Select contractors can be automatically emailed to provide request for quote information and timelines for completion
    2. All previous workorders (contractor, costs, etc.) are retained within the ICScada HMI for future reference.
  5. Analytical system data that can be continually utilized to further optimize or automate building operations
    1. Information tracking of subsystem performance, staff control adjustments and increased maintenance accountability
  6. System access can be easily modified to restrict or add system users
  7. Fixed monthly costs, include 24\7 system support and free software upgrades for cloud-based applications. Customer service agreements are available for server applications
  8. Highly intuitive ICScada HMI requires little to no training costs

Outlaw BMS Core Advantages

  1. Expandable: Start small but unlimited expansion. The system can link several asset locations world-wide into one central control and monitoring solution.
  2. Proven: International clientele with over 10,000 active nodes
  3. Wireless: Retrofit costs that require minimal electrical or mechanical personnel for system integration, maintenance, or expansion
  4. Access: Hundreds of users can simultaneously “Monitor or Control” real-time building systems. Only authorized individuals or contractors can “Control” system operation
  5. Security: Virus protection, highly encrypted & authentication logon protocols
  6. Accountability: System access and control modifications are logged
  7. Support Hotline: 24/7 support available
  8. Warranty: Standard
  9. Flexibility: System includes access to over 60 unique protocol drivers which enables communications with almost any smart devices. Vendor neutrality allows cost effective, flexible product integration.

Each Outlaw Automation BMS System is designed according to the specific needs and associated client budgets.

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